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  • Technical data for updates: Desktop versions of Waterfox periodically check for browser updates by connecting to Waterfox servers. Your Waterfox version, language, and device operating system are used to apply the correct updates. Mobile versions of Waterfox may connect to another service if you used one to download and install Waterfox.

  • Technical data for add-ons blocklist: Waterfox for Desktop and Android periodically connect to Mozilla to protect you and others from malicious add-ons. Your Waterfox version and language, device operating system, and list of installed add-ons are needed to apply and update the add-ons blocklist.

  • Webpage data to Google’s SafeBrowsing service:

    Learn more or read Google’s Privacy Policy. Opting out prevents Waterfox from warning you of potentially illegitimate or malicious websites.

  • Webpage and technical data to Certificate Authorities: When you visit a secure website (usually identified with a URL starting with "HTTPS"), Waterfox validates the website's certificate. This may involve Waterfox sending certain information about the website to the Certificate Authority identified by that website.

    Opting out increases the risk of your private information being intercepted. Learn more.

Firefox Accounts & Sync

  • Firefox Account data: Mozilla receives your email address and a hash of your password when you create a Firefox Account. You can choose to include a display name or profile image. Your email address is sent to Mozilla's email vendor, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, which has its own privacy policy. If you use your Firefox Account to log into other websites or services (such as AMO or Pocket), we receive the timestamp of your log-in from those services.

  • Interaction data: Mozilla receive'd data such as visits to and interaction with the Firefox Accounts website and menu preferences, and interactions with onboarding, email and SMS messages. Read more about Mozilla’s data practices for websites and email.

  • Technical data: To display which devices are synced to your Firefox Account and for functionality, we store your device operating system, browser and version, timestamp, locale, and the same information for devices connected to your account.

Read the full documentation or learn more, including how to delete your account.


  • Synced data: If you enable Sync, Mozilla receives the information that you sync across devices in encrypted form. This may include Waterfox tabs, add-ons, passwords, payment autofill information, bookmarks, history, and preferences. Deleting your Firefox Account will delete related Firefox Sync content. You can also read the documentation.

  • Technical and Interaction data: If you enable sync, Waterfox will periodically send basic information using Telemetry about the most recent attempt to sync your data, such as when it took place, whether it succeeded or failed, and what type of device is attempting to sync. You can also read the documentation.

Learn more, including how to enable or disable sync.

Website notifications

  • Connection data: If you allow a website to send you notifications, Waterfox connects with Mozilla and uses your IP address to relay the message. Mozilla cannot access the content of messages.

  • Interaction data: Careful! Mozilla receive aggregate data such as the number of Waterfox subscriptions and unsubscriptions to website notifications, number of messages sent, timestamps, and senders (which may include specific website providers).

Read the full documentation or learn more, including how to revoke website notifications.


You can install Add-ons from (“AMO”) or from the Waterfox Add-ons Manager, which is accessible from the Waterfox menu button in the toolbar.

  • Search queries: Search queries in the Add-on Manager are sent to Mozilla to provide you with suggested Add-ons.

  • Interaction data: We receive aggregate data about visits to the AMO website and the Add-ons Manager in Waterfox, as well as interactions with content on those pages. Read about data practices on Mozilla websites.

  • Technical data for updates: Waterfox periodically connects with Mozilla to install updates to Add-ons. Your installed Add-ons, Waterfox version, language, and device operating system are used to apply the correct updates.


Waterfox pre-release versions of Waterfox are under active development and may contain different privacy characteristics.